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We're stronger together

May 5, 2020 | 3 minutes  read

From the desk of Whau Ward, Auckland Councillor Tracy Mulholland
During the time of the pandemic and lockdown, Councillors continued to work for community in Emergency Committee online.
Besides my councillor role at council I am the deputy chair of the Value for Money Committee, on the Procurement Committee at council, and the Seniors Advisory Panel Liaison. I am also externally involved with the New Lynn Business Association and on the West Lynn Garden committee.
During the pandemic I have become aware of many great initiatives undertaken by members of our community.  Here are some examples:

Glen Avon Community Hub
One of the many groups helping community during this time is the Glenavon Hub.  The Hub is a focus for the surrounding community, welcoming all and connecting local people together through events and activities that foster community spirit, friendship, fun, laughter, learning and growth. 

I want to acknowledge the committee and hub coordinator Eva Wongchiu who worked tirelessly to support others, engage volunteers and who organises much of the work done at the Hub. The Glenavon Community Board and Hub continued to operate from behind the scenes to support the community, preparing many boxes of food supplies for families in need.
Generation Ignite Food Bank
Much good work is being done in the community by the Generation Ignite team. The group is about empowering young people in the community though various response services, programmes, and events.  The team strive to inspire change, ignite hope, and champion youth in the area.
During the recent crisis the team were outstanding, rising to a vastly increased need. The food bank initiative has grown immensely and is a great asset to the community. My thanks to Jo Noema and Generation Ignite.

Whau Youth Board
It was a pleasure to hear from the Whau Youth Board during Level 2.  The youth board provided feedback for the upcoming budget on what they believe can contribute to a better Whau for the youth.  Thank you to the fabulous team of capable youth for your support.
Local churches and faith groups
I want to acknowledge all our local churches and their members who are helping others through this difficult time.  I have been seen many local churches offering food packages, connecting with community and supporting those in need.  My thanks to you all.

Rampant Coffee Company
During lockdown, I, like many people spent additional time online. Rampant Coffee Company is a local business which a huge heart for community. They have been very active online during this time and supportive of so many.

Thank you to Gina and Shane for your community-mindedness. I recommend you visit them or buy some of their delicious coffee beans!

During the time of the pandemic, I was grateful to be able to help others by making contributions to community groups, assisting the team at our local supermarket, and purchasing food for others in need. It helped me to be able to do something tangible.

We really are stronger when we’re together, and it’s together that we can rebuild. 

Please do contact me if you have any questions.  

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