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Lynfield College & Glenavon Community Trust

December 3, 2020 | 2 minutes  read

On 3th December 2020, a team of members from the Glenavon Hub visited Lynfield College. They discussed and collected family packages crafted by Lynfield College students in the Lync-Ed ‘Taking on Poverty Workshop’. The workshop consisted of selected Year 9 and 10 students, along with teachers Ms. Phelan, Ms. Arthur, Ms. Hameed and Ms. Delgrosso. Our workshop’s goal was to take action on helping people experiencing poverty in New Zealand. We made family packages by using donations and vouchers of money to buy bulks of foods and snacks. We also used donations collected from students with a wide range of products like toys, books, clothes, toiletries and treats. In total we were capable of making 20 family packages filled with essential items and goodies. As an additional gift students made 100+ christmas crackers by hand with chocolate, candy and a personal message of kindness.


The Glenavon Hub is run by the Glenavon Community Trust Board and Eva Wongchiu (Hub coordinator). The Glenavon Community Trust’s mission is “doing good stuff together” to support families in helping each to live happy, healthy lives.  Eva and the other members shared about what they do to help people in poverty and how the process works. This topic on Taking on Poverty and taking action connected with Whanaungatanga tika which is one of our school values. This value represents kinship, relationships and the sense of belonging. As a group of students and teachers we partnered with Glenavon Community Trust to portray a sense of belonging to families in need, and also enhancing their Christmas. This workshop made us feel grateful for what we have, and we were blessed to participate in such a good cause. Poverty is an infinite issue but we have the power to make a huge difference.

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