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Glenavon Community Hub

340, Blockhouse Bay Road,

Blockhouse Bay, Auckland

Part time

Applications close on 3rd, December, 2021

About the role

The activities , responsibilities and deliverables of the Hub Coordinator are:    

  • Maintaining the Hub as a welcoming, vibrant place of connection in the Community.

  • Assist the Trust Board in developing strategic goals and work plans.

  • Liaise with the Treasurer to produce budgets in conjunction with the work plans.

  • Identify funding opportunities and prepare funding applications ,ensuring compliance with funding requirements and reporting

  • Report to the Trust Board on a regular basis as to progress on work plans and alignment with Budgets.

  • Support and supervise the Community Support Worker and Administrator and promote teamwork.

  • Sustain and grow existing relationships, and initiate and grow new relationships with in the community and wider networks.

  • Continue and strengthen partnerships with Glenavon School and Blockhouse Bay Baptist Church.

  • Schedule and co-ordinate organization of Glenavon Hub’s calendar of neighborhood events liaising with  CSW.

  • Deliver My Pathways (see attached)

  • Identify leaders and volunteers in the community ,build capacity and support them in doing good stuff in Glenavon.

  • Participate in Hub and Community meetings and other networking meetings as applicable (e.g.Bay Connections)

  • Oversee the monitoring,documenting, evaluating and photographing of Hub events, projects and programs, and Hub use

  • Encourage and support potential ,new and existing users of the Hub.

  • Over see the Pool Project liaising with CSW.

  • Quarterly & Accountability Reports to Funders .

  • Prepare Performance Review & Financial Reports (end of financial year).

  • Over see and participate in Welfare Calling to community residents.

  • Anything else to facilitate the objectives of the Trust as required

My Pathways Programme
Connecting as a community to enable our Community

The Process
1. Referral from Church/Community/Businesses
2. Meet with Enablement coaches for consultation via face to face
3. Agree on Pathway and connections available matched to needs. Plan a holistic approach including family/friends/caregivers. Assessment of
current situation. Establishing & implementation of goals and follow up
4. Warm handover to Mentor/Coach
5. Ongoing check in by Enablement coach with Plan to ensure on track
6. Mentor/Coach/Mentee to complete experience feedback
7. Enablement coaches to review ongoing experience survey and enter into
database and provide updates to key stakeholders.

Area of Focus
Coaching and developing skills > Skills>Resume>Interview/Phone
Health and mental well being>Support>Life skills development>What’s available?
Financial literacy>How did I get here? - What do I need to learn to change? - Why do I need to change? - What support do I need?
Business support>Support>Contacts>Network>Business development
skills>Social media presence

Partner & Connect
Church, community support and business relationships. Communicate and enlist Volunteers, oversee recording skills & availability in our
Include handover referral to support providers
Respect of confidentiality process by each support provider

If you are interested in this role , apply today with your CV and Cover letter.

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